FROM: Roz Dimon

GALLERY: The Grace Institute, 1233 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10021, www.graceinstitute.org

DATE/TIME: August 11 – Sept. 26th, Gallery open Mon-Thurs, 9am – 5pm

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, September 10th 5:30-7PM

I welcome you to this exhibition which is my art story (www.artstory.net) about living in the age of information. It is a sampling of my work which covers 27 years of painting. Beginning with traditional oil on canvas (gradually infiltrated by pixels), to the early computer work (4 colors/16 meg w/floppy disk), to the most recent pieces (using a digital brush loaded with infinite colors on an ephemeral canvas that can portray thousands of layers of information).
Points of interest:
•      My work is easy to understand and actually invites access – in spite of the increasingly complex ideas and methods I employ. This is a driving force behind their creation -- to bring meaning, understanding to a world gone mad in a flood of information. I feel this could be the greatest calling for today’s image-maker.

•      My latest pieces invite you (and others around the globe who have internet access) into an interactive and intimate experience that goes far beyond the work that you see on the wall. When you enter the website which is the artwork as process, you become me, the artist creating the artwork step-by-step.

•      These pieces share the common attributes of art immemorial. That of storytelling, collage, the placement of marks in a plane of space… a visual language of color, design. What makes it new is the medium and message, which speak distinctly to our own time and culture.

WWW.INFOWOMAN.US: In a salute to the Grace Institute who is sponsoring this exhibition, I have created this website to accompany the show. It has a short video interview about the show and also recognizes other women who have furthered our application and understanding of the age of information and technology.

Please call me, Roz Dimon, if you would like to have a personal tour of the show:

If you have questions about the Grace Gallery, please call Kyle Stites: