Picasso's Woman by Roz Dimon
Picasso's Woman, ,oil on canvas, 1983 Roz Dimon

"What's the difference between an ordinary woman and
an extraordinary woman?

The belief that she's ordinary."
Jody Williams, 1997 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

FACTOID: PICTURE ELEMENT is the name of a group I founded in NYC in 1990. The group was small and by invitation only. What we shared was a serious creative investigation of the influence of the digital age upon our work. We met in each other's studios monthly for six years, discussing our work and showing together. We knew we were in the front lines of a revolutionary new art form... alas, one that strangely has not gathered the force one would expect. It may be that we are too busy drowning in our brave new world to recognize and celebrate the meaningfulness of the new visual language being created.

Picture Element is the word first used by scientists in the 1960s to describe pixels.


Cocktail Reception Wednesday, September 10, 5:30-7PM
solo show by Roz Dimon, August 11 - September 26, 2008
sponsored by the Grace Institute (over 100 years providing tuition-free training for underserved New York area women.
1233 Second Ave. (64 &65) NYC,
— opening-night gift bags courtesy of sallybskinymmies.com

Roz speaks with Gallery Curator, Kyle Stites

Listen to NPR/Long Island radio interview
(Bonnie Grice's "In The Morning" broadcast 09/08/08)


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Women are often referred to as the communicators in our society so it should come as no surprise that they have been central to our understanding and application of the digital medium; a medium that has radically altered our spheres of communication.

Women actually started out at the forefront of the computing movement?
Hedy Lamarr wasn't only a sex goddess but was also the co-inventor of Spread Spectrum Technology?
Grace Hopper helped develop the programming Language known as COBOL?
Women with the title "Computer" were mathematicians who performed differential equations  by hand for WWII ballistic trajectories?
Eilene M. Galloway, now 102 years old, helped create NASA?
Alice Guy was the first woman to develop narrative filmmaking?

Women have contributed greatly to our understanding and visualization of the age of information.


Donna Cox, Director of Advanced Scientific Visualization Laboratory
Char Davies internationally recognized for pioneering artworks using the technologies of virtual reality
Madge Gleason, early pioneer in digital art
Michi Itami, early pioneer incorporating digital media with print making
Margot Lovejoy, digital artist, educator and author
Maureen Nappi, artist, scholar and theorist
Barbara Nessim, artist, illustrator and educator since 1980s.
Cynthia Pannucci, Founder/Director of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
Christiane Paul, Curator of New Media-Whitney Museum and Founder of Intelligent Agent
Cynthia Beth Rubin, early pioneer in digital art, artist and educator
Trilby Schreiber, teacher and visonary
Annette Weintraub, first woman to represent digital art in the Whitney Biennial.